All the standard courier services follow a defined set of protocols and guidelines for responsibly delivering their packages to the clients within a set time. The process of delivering the packages has now become convenient due to the faster means of travelling and relocation.

To provide quick and reliable courier services, you must choose the most suitable company for yourself that seems to be able to deliver your package in time to your destined destination. Therefore, it is important to take a general overview of how all the standard courier services operate and which services you expect them to offer to you.

  1. Shipment Weight and Pricing

Almost all the courier companies, whether they are the online ones or not, are particular about the packing of your shipment. The packages are chosen according to the size, weight and nature of the shipment. Whether it’s a carton, a suitcase, or any heavy equipment, the courier company needs to know about the weight and dimensions) L X B X H in cm of your item. Many courier companies don’t offer to deliver the item if it’s heavier than 30kgs. However, few of the courier companies do offer to transport heavy materials without any hassle.

Hence, you must choose the right courier company according to the nature of your package. By doing this, you can estimate the exact price that will be incurred on your package for delivering it to the desired destination. If the item that is to be delivered is not allowed by the courier company to be transported, then your package might get rejected by the courier driver who arrives at your home to pick up the package. Therefore, make sure to read all the guidelines provided by the courier company regarding the nature of items allowed. This is important so that your package does not get refused in a depot later.

  1. Ordering and Booking

Once you have read all the regulations of the courier service company and weighed / measured your package, you must arrive at the decision of a suitable courier service company. When you have decided on the right courier service company, you have to place an order. You can use an online booking site for placing an order for picking up your package or you can do it directly.

While ordering, you have to select a particular date and time for picking the package up. Make sure to provide the most accurate address to the courier company so that the driver arrives on time at your location. Add additional information about your location if needed.

  1. Packing

For a courier service, you are the one who is responsible for properly packing and protecting your items. If your item is delicate, then you must be careful to pack it firmly so it does not get damaged or broken on its way to the destination. Seal the package box properly to avoid any damages and make sure that its contents are safe. If you can, you should also print out the labels of your delivery address and contact details and paste them on the package box.

  1. Expecting the Pickup

You will be advised by the courier service company when the driver will come. You can expect the driver to arrive at the specified location within the office hours. If your driver is not on time, you can call the company to ask about his expected time of arrival.

  1. Tracking the Item

You can track the delivery of your package any time. You can check any time whether the package has reached the recipient’s address or not by inquiring about it via phone call or on company’s website. The standard courier services operate in a very organised manner to make sure that all the items reach the destination on time.